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Money, Entrepreneurship, and Investment Program

Bring us on board to facilitate engaging workshops for your organization or educational institution, designed to empower participants in the realms of financial prosperity. Our program delves deep into the art of income generation, unlocking the full potential of earnings, and skilfully accumulating wealth through savvy investments.
This all-encompassing initiative transcends ordinary money management, offering a holistic approach to financial competence. Our program covers a spectrum of crucial financial facets, including:
“Get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards financial mastery with our comprehensive program.”
With the “Financial Mastery Initiative,” we aim to equip individuals with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today’s financial landscape.
For more information email us on arpana@avenuesolutions.com.au
Please note 50% of the Program fees will be attributed to Knowledge Assist cause.

Tax and Wealth Mentoring with Arpana : Unlocking Financial Opportunities

Arpana, with two decades of specialized experience in Australian tax law, possesses a unique ability to spot possibilities that often elude ordinary eyes. As the proprietor of her own Accounting Practice and a diverse portfolio of investment properties, she has honed her expertise in leveraging tax laws to build wealth for retirement. Arpana is ready to share her wealth of knowledge, offering insights on how to maximize your properties and investments, ultimately leading to a bountiful reservoir of wealth.
Our comprehensive consultation is tailored for businesses operating under a company or trust structure, with a profit of $50,000 or more before owner’s salary. Throughout the mentoring process, we will require access to your financials.
Rest assured, there’s no need to switch accountants; this mentoring is an opportunity to explore strategies that can be implemented and subsequently discussed with your existing accountant. You’ll be learning from an expert, gaining fresh perspectives, and capitalizing on Arpana’s extensive experience.
For additional information, please reach out to us via email at arpana@avenuesolutions.com.au.
Please note 50% of the consulting fees will be attributed to Knowledge Assist cause.
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